Tuesday, December 10, 2019


Nitpicking the Presidency and the Republic into extinction

It would certainly be wrong for the Republicans at some future time to turn the tables on a future Democrat President and insist upon impeaching him or her for concocted and tenuous “crimes.” But, that’s probably what will happen. Of course, future Republican administrations will also be cursed with dishonest and bitter attacks by a mentality that refuses to bow to the decorum of constitutional republican (small “r”) government. It’s now a free-for-all. If you lose an election, just keep pounding away, the voters be damned. Already, more than a few Democrats have fantasized concocted wrong-doing on the part of vice President Pence. Remember, the entire impeachment scheme isn’t only about removing an elected president. It’s just a step in removing a political philosophy from the public arena. Socialism always limits choices, from health care to the types of light bulb one is allowed to use. After a trail of public seizures, the big goal is always eliminating free choice of representation.

As with all politics, the current scam to undo an election has been, and will continue to be, about power. Democrats have successfully created one party cities and states in several locations around the country — California, New York, Baltimore, Detroit, et al. It has always been their goal to achieve the same on a national scale. Critically, one must remember that “power” for them has not been the mere corrupt act of seeking wealth and status. For the left in general, power is about gaining the authority to literally rule over everything. To seize public utilities, the healthcare industry, and ultimately individual households and the thoughts of citizens and their children. To exert and entrench the left’s control always requires punitive action. Already, on issues ranging from climate policy to presidential phone calls, several of the more honest Demo-socialists have demanded legal prosecution — some under their breath implying execution. Carried out to its natural course, we get China, or Cuba, or the former Soviet Union. In the end, every socialist is a communist, which is why they consistently defend and often praise leftist dictators like Chavez and Castro.

The talking heads of left-land would have us believe that their opponents are fascists, but the opposite of communism is not fascism. In spite of how much these ideologies hate each other, they’re competing for the same prize. Statism by any other name is still statism and opposed to it is the rare and laudable institution of free open society and self-government. Free people voluntarily create, buy, and sell things — they create wealth. This is not to say that a coercive state cannot at some point allow a ghost of a market to exist so long as they can effectively hold authority over it, bending capitalism to a hybrid model — socialism light, corporatism, crony capitalism.

A critical threshold has now been passed. Contending views will no longer be reconciled solely at the ballot box. America’s Demo-socialist party demands that, in one way or another, elections that keep them from absolute power must be nullified. This didn’t just happen with the current president. Al Franken lost an election several years ago but, when an election is even remotely close, out come the lawyers, the political operatives, and con-artists to eventually flip authority in their favor. Stacey Abrams lost an election decisively for the governorship of Georgia and still, like Hillary Clinton, appears on cable news rambling that somehow, in her alternate universe, she had actually won. In her case, she had the added benefit of being a black woman and, of course such an individual losing an election can only be due to RACISM! or SEXISM!

In the current impeachment charade, it’s already been stated by several Democrats that, if Trump wins reelection, they can repeat charges of impeachment perpetually, into the far corners of infinity. To set up future attacks on Trump they’re already laying the propaganda groundwork with the ridiculous idea that his winning can only be due to “stealing the election” through some dubious means. No opponent of the left can now be seen as winning elections fairly. It can’t be due to millions of people with conservative or centrist views. No,it’s got to be “Russia” or “bribery” or daring to demand voter ID laws.

Now, a phone call to a foreign leader by president Trump, of the type that has been made thousands of times by past president, comes under the bogus scrutiny of the vultures of political intrigue. Did he use the right words? Did he say the wrong names? Did he cough suspiciously to indicate misdeed and ill-intention? IMPEACH! And put Hillary on her throne so that she can return the operation of state to...the state, and ultimately to a new global order of constrictive undemocratic unelected authoritarian rule — dystopia on an unprecedented scale.

It’s been noted that the life expectancy of a free society doesn’t go far beyond two-hundred years. On that scale, America has survived as a constitutional republic beyond it’s shelf life. America’s founders were truly brilliant in their application of checks, balances, and fined-tuned mechanisms for preserving freedom but, in the end, the encroaching state always finds a way — a death (murder) of a thousand cuts, a few million bureaucrats, ...and a bogus impeachment or two.

Thursday, December 05, 2019


Really? You’ve gotta be kidding me!

The latest clown parade in the left’s attempted coup d' 'etat is to now have testimony by partisan donors to the cause of the president’s former election opponent. Talk about “transparency” — transparently stupid.

The “legal scholars” that the Democomms invited to testify were flaming caricatures of smug leftists. More of the same; “Trump should be impeached because”...orange man bad.

My favorite issue of absurdity is when they and other prior leftist witnesses reference “patriotism” and “American ideals.” The left perpetually makes clear their disdain for America, its history, and the constitution that affords a free and open society. The America they love is the one they hope to create when they seize full authority to rule over, punish, and eliminate those who don’t wish to march in their global authoritarian social scheme.

If poetic justice is a real thing, and baring any unforeseen intrigues, Trump will win by a landslide in both the electoral and popular vote and he will share his success with both houses of congress.

Thank god for the stupidity and vengeful arrogance of America’s faux socialist “revolutionaries.”

Tuesday, December 03, 2019


Happy Group-hugism

Now, why would the good citizens of Hong Kong be wanting to avoid this great standard of political life? The loving fist of the Communist Party of China.

This is the end result of socialism and investing authority in a powerful state — every time.

Call it socialism, communism, fascism, nazism, collectivism, or happy group-hugism. Same as it ever was.

Sunday, December 01, 2019


The Dichotomy of Quality vs. the Assault on Human Dignity

The pink plastic electric marching band vs. mahogony bookshelves and latticed windows

The screeching laughter of game show hosts and audiences captivated by glitter vs. a chord of sublimity carried from transcendent voices to gothic stone carvings.

The harsh attack of neon, an assault on human dignity vs. the gentle whisper of an angel at rest.

The ugly cacophony of idle chatter vs. the resignation of silence before an altar.

The pant of machines grinding like teeth on chalkboards vs. an autumn leaf touching the ground to move in random reply to a breeze, leaving trails of memory across damp earth.

The demands of the fervent vs. the solitude and contemplation of introspection.

The folly of the hollow grin before the mysterious portrait of a face that conveys neither sadness nor joy.

The wrong and the right. The good and the bad. The things that you’ve owned and the things you’ve had.

The snipping insults and demands of those fellow players in the 4-D matter world, whose only concern is to compel obedience to their tiny sliver of appraisal vs. the stern but caring voice that echoes through eternity, accepts all, guides but demands nothing but one’s ability to observe.

A wheel of perpetual confusion that occasionally affords a glimpse of heaven... or a residence in hell.

Monday, November 25, 2019


The Bogus Mantle of “Career Public Servant”

In the latest attempt by America’s Democomm/socialist party to remove the elected president, a parade of individuals billed as “witnesses,” were given the national spotlight, though few of them “witnessed” anything. During the attempt to pass off this elite clique' appraisals as a source of wisdom and goodness, an impressive moniker was often used, ... “career public servant.”

While there are bureaucrats and government functionaries that perform their jobs with little controversy or fanfare, it’s become a common defense of government overreach and incompetence to praise “public servants” for the simple act of scoring a well-paying and relatively prestigious job. Thus, a minion in the rusted wheel of government is compared to a fire fighter rushing into a burning building. The ultimate stretch in this absurd misnomer occurs when a politician is referred to as a “public servant.” It’s not as if most of them don’t leave their “service” with a vastly augmented bank account and followup careers as lobbyists or cable news “contributors.” Candidate Joe Biden is regularly praised for his decades of “public service.” What utter BS.

In the impeachment hearings over the past week, partisan media hacks and their brethren continually lauded the noble altruism and goodness of “career public servants” who have scored high-paying and prestigious jobs directing American foreign policy. Of course their job isn’t to direct policy at all but to carry out the wishes of an elected president. I have no doubt that there are many worthy staff members from America’s State Department who perform their responsibilities flawlessly and carry out their responsibilities out of a genuine desire to “do good” but I’m not so certain that monitoring and critiquing the president’s phone calls is in their job description — if they are entrenched partisans from a prior administration even less so.

There are very few people who are purely altruistic in their choice of career goals. Certainly many would like to see “helping people” in their job description but it’s hardly the first choice of how one gains an income. For most of us, adequate income and job conditions are reasonable targets for a satisfactory livelihood. If one can go a step further and add perks and prestige, all the better. But, pretending that one is performing a noble act of kindness by scoring a lucrative position in government is a bit over the top in the government scam-olympics.

At the impeachment “inquiries” one of the so-called witnesses (that the Democrat chairman would allow) was the now famous Alexander Vindman. Almost comically, he arrived in full dress uniform with medals blazing. Obviously military service outranks (no pun intended) a mere academic career as bonafide service but, the implication that his career choice somehow legitimized his worldview is absolute nonsense. The fact that his usual work attire is a conventional suit affords further skepticism to his posturing. His personal view of one phone call between the president and a foreign leader is meaningless in spite of his uniform or willingness to risk his life on a battlefield. The media, of course wasn’t so enamored by the uniforms of Oliver North, General Petraeus, or Michael Flynn. Before Petraeus was found guilty of anything, left wing groups pinned him with the moniker, “General Betray-us.” But, now we have a heroic “public servant” who agrees that “orange man” is “bad.”

The Democrats and establishment media have begun a horrible precedent by pretending it’s legitimate to literally monitor a president’s every conversation and action, insuring it complies with the standards of (unelected) “career public servants.” While clear and obvious crimes have occurred under previous presidents, all presidents at one time or another in the normal conduct of their duties have committed what are technically minor “crimes.” The pervasive go-to argument of “obstruction of justice” is one of those catch-all terms that could be applied to a host of actions carried out by virtually every chief executive. In this president’s case, the charge is made every time he defends himself from unfounded accusations. In the recent Trump / Ukraine example the tenuous claims of wrong-doing are absurd. Nothing he’s been accused of even happened. There was no “pressure,” no hoped-for Ukrainian actions delivered, and no money earmarked to them was withheld in the end. While the entire phone conversation offers some fun exercises for conjecture by legal gymnasts, none of it can stand as worthy of impeaching a president. Add to this the nonsense of Ivy League clowns pulled from the woodwork of government offices and testifying as to how they feel about a guy that most of them hated to begin with and what do you have? Just another group of partisans whining over their disappointment that queen Hillary lost an election.

So why is such honor directed at the pseudo-intellectuals of government agencies? Supposedly they’re smart but, there are a variety of intellectual styles. It could accurately be argued that the witty and successful entrepreneur with a high school education is as smart as the bookish Ivy League intellectual. George Bush was derided by the media and his political opponents as being “incurious” and lacking the scholarly disposition that the left so admires. Yet, he had been a fighter pilot...and, president of the United States — both requiring some intellectual fortitude. Donald Trump is a successful real estate developer and builder, not to mention successful television personality. He defeated several popular establishment political figures and became president of the United States. As president he quickly turned the lackluster American economy into one of unprecedented vitality. Yet, we are supposed to believe that, unlike “career public servants,” he is “stupid” because of botched spelling errors on social media (none of us have done that). No doubt he never memorized the capitols of Sub-Saharan countries or read Canterbury tales. Donald Trump would no doubt fail to establish the level of scholarship that Fiona Hill has been noted for but, conversely, I doubt that she would have the skill or instinctual awareness — intelligence— to successfully run a multi-billion dollar real estate empire...or the office of President of the United States.

This touches on the issue of what Eric Hoffer noted as the perennial dispute between “the [person] of action” vs. “the [person] of ideas.” One could simplify the analysis and simply refer to a conflict between business persons and intellectuals. The business mentality is directed toward practical results. The intellectual and their lightweight spawn in journalism and the arts lives in a world of theory and idealism. Pragmatism seldom causes mass destruction or dystopia. Idealism has left the pages of history soaked in blood and suffering. The world would be a better place if the ideologues of the world stuck to publishing their views in journals and directing their minds to creative pursuits.

In some ways the current divide is one of blue-collar vs. a strain of academic white collar (or maybe turtleneck sweater). I and many people I know who share my worldview coincidently share a blue collar upbringing. The friends I’ve had who hold beliefs more in line with current “progressive” thought have inevitably been from a more refined economic strata and I’d dare say, a more pampered background. Marx referred to the blue collar “working class” types who failed to follow the socialist program as the “Lumpen Proletariat.” Little has changed today, where the same smug arrogance is directed at those who just don’t see the wisdom in their intellectual betters’ plans on how to run the world.

Back to the current newsworthy characters in “public service.” Who are these clowns? People who aced their SATs, shook the right hands at Washington dinner parties, wrote some articles that no one read, and have been on the cutting edge of the plot to impose world government by a social planning elite (them). Bow down lowly peasant before the grandiosity of your betters.

In the end, the current divide in political thought is not one that sides can defend based on their supposed intellectual rigor. I can’t “prove” that I should have a high degree of personal freedom any more than a statist can “prove” that I should obey a powerful government authority. The intellectual credentials of one making such arguments really has little value. A lack of education or literacy in a backwoods countryman hardly nullifies the value of his or her desire to be free.

By definition a “public servant” should Serve the public (duh!). Using their pampered status as a means to assist in the imposition of statist authority over a free people is hardly an act of “service.” We can admire those who have attained status in their careers in government but to call them true servants we should expect them to restrict their actions to service and not merely be parasites with a will to power and a gripe with the current commander and chief.

Friday, November 22, 2019


Options in the Socialist Bureau-state

I believe I’ve linked to the following video once before rather long ago. It’s worthy of repeating. This old Television commercial for Wendy’s hamburgers is still the best depiction of the socialist template and its inability to offer anything beyond drab conformity and ugliness.

Monday, November 18, 2019


High Barr Standards

This talk by the current Attourney General, William Barr, is brilliant on many levels.

The now famous Trump Boomerang effect is about to present its greatest expression of poetic justice upon those who have sought to undo the results of a presidential election.

Two major investigations will soon be concluded looking into the events surrounding deep state attempts to undermine the election of 2016. By now it is clear that the CIA, FBI, and State Department, working, in accordance with the Democratic party, the Obama administration, and establishment media, sought to actively prevent Donald Trump from being elected and afterward sought to lay the groundwork to have him removed from office. These investigations will lay out the legal proof of these conspiracies and likely result in some serious convictions.

Preemptive attempts to tarnish Barr’s image have already been set in motion. To the clapping seals in comedy show audiences, Barr is merely a dupe of Donald Trump’s — imaginary — corruptions. Far from it.

This guy is brilliant. The linked video here shows him to be a knowledgable student of history and constitutional law and a stable, wise, and practical voice of reason. There are several points in the talk that are profoundly insightful.

In our rare times we are blessed with some rare public figures to battle the scheming minions of progressive authoritarianism. Who does their side have?....Adam Schiff — laughable.

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