Saturday, April 04, 2020


The “Epicenter”

I’m not into conspiracy theories but this is the “epicenter” of the CCP virus in the U.S.?

Friday, April 03, 2020


There it Expected.

“Never let[ting] a good crisis go to waste....”

From the Venezuelan command center in California.

Thursday, April 02, 2020


How Many Deaths from the CCP Virus?

...Let me count the ways.

Wednesday, April 01, 2020


Feeling the Lefty Love

Tuesday, March 31, 2020


Alex Jones, Infowars, and WTF...

I generally don’t like referencing or linking to Alex Jones’s Infowars as there’s often justification for rolling one’s eyes up at some occasionally exaggerated or absurd claims. It’s definitely a venue for conspiracy theories (not that conspiracy theories are always wrong). Alex Jones does provide a service in confronting a lot of the sneaking dishonest activities of the deep bureau-state. A more restrained style would definitely go a long way in Jones’s gaining more respectability.

That all said, there are often insights one can glean from Infowars that are available in few other sources. The fact that Twitter, Youtube, and Facebook have done their damndest to to muzzle Jones enhances the curiosity one may have as to what he’s saying. When it became obvious to me that the establishment media mob was going to eliminate Infowars from the public free-speech domain, I got his app from the iTunes store. Of course, shortly thereafter, iTunes ended the app’s availability. What really pissed my off was that the app that I already had disappeared from my iPad. I have numerous apps that are no longer available that still remain on my device. Why is this one literally eliminated? Regardless of how legitimate one may find Infowars, I really don’t like the idea of a multibillion dollar tech company deciding for me what they think I should have access to, particularly in view of the fact that they think I should/must have access to garbage like CNN.

Anyway...this particular link to Infowars is quite provocative and should be appraised with some degree of interest. I have no doubt that the world currently faces a dangerous pandemic and that it has taken a considerable toll on the health and stability of the world but, the government and media response is at least sketchy. No doubt hospitals need masks and ventilators, etc. but it’s reasonable to question just how much the con men and woman of state are “not letting a good crisis go to waste.”

If exaggeration, deception, and outright lies can be used to promote the authority of government and international institutions, it’s beyond realistic that they will do so.

There are some really weird things going on in all of this. If the minions of statism can pull off their one-world global governance using a pandemic as a catalyst to their scheme, they will do so.

If this is the plot in motion, I can’t wait to see how they’re going to deal with a heavily armed American population of uncooperative red necks.

fun, fun, fun...

Monday, March 30, 2020


Hmmm... for thought.

Sunday, March 29, 2020


Racism and Screaming “Racism!”...

The race to see who can be more stupid.

I have no reason to doubt the findings of this article but would note that the phrase “hate speech” is often used in ways that are virtually meaningless. The fact that, out of millions of people, some exhibit mean-spirited attitudes toward some groups shouldn’t really come as a shock. Some people murder, many steal, some abuse their spouse or children. Practically everyone lies to some degree at some point in their, maybe every day?

Not to justify murder, theft, or lying but I personally can’t get that excited about the fact that humans are lame to reprehensible in some contexts. There are now plenty of laws against harming others or depriving others of fair treatment in employment and economic activity. ‘Not always applied fairly but often obsessed over none-the-less. Where it gets dumb is when law is used to punish peoples’ statements, or even thoughts. Mocking a widely criticized ethnic group du jour is certainly bad manners what. In an era when a major target of scorn has become strait white males it’s hard to to get excited about another random or favored group of the day being criticized, justly or unjustly.

I’m not so sure that calling the Corona virus a Chinese virus or Chinese communist virus qualifies as hate speech. As a matter of fact, that’s what I call it. I hate communism. Currently the long suffering citizens of China are under the harsh rulership of the Chinese Communist Party. I have no doubt that there are plenty of people who are dumb enough to hate Chinese people because of their indirect association with the current pandemic. There are actually people refusing to drink Corona beer because ...they’re stupid. The government of China is certainly worthy of critical analysis and scorn over their underhanded dealings during the early stages of the virus (no doubt this continues).

Racism is a weird thing. I think if Chimpanzees’ brains were just a little bigger they may write poetry, invent simple tools, and hate the other group of chimps “over there” who’s ears happened to be shaped a little different. Of course human brains are big enough that we should be more aware when we’re doing something stupid but...’not the case.

The old Marxist scheme for demanding power played upon a phony sympathy for an “oppressed working class.” In societies where that phony ploy is rendered ineffective, they had to come up with a new groups to rally resentment and put intellectuals in charge. So it is now that we have a whole swarm of victims that can act as catalysts to the control freaks’ perennial quest for power. Some of the gripes are valid but even if they weren’t, the left would invent an injustice to whine about. The descendants of slaves were treated as third class ...slaves long after slavery ended. That’s a valid gripe. Now,the descendants of slaves should get their own special dorms on a college campus — not a very valid gripe. Gays are thrown off of roof tops in some Muslim countries. That’s something to “gripe about.” It’s not such a noble cause to resist parents who don’t want their pre-teen children going to “drag queen story hour” or having them told they can choose a different gender.

In the recent supposed “hate crime” epidemic directed against China, tacky comments on Twitter are conflated with pogroms and lynchings.

President Trump’s temporary and valid moniker for the Corona Virus as the “Chinese Virus” was, like anything Trump says, immediately branded another “dog whistle” to racists but that was more about Trump derangement syndrome than anything related to “racism.”

It’s a shame that “race” ever becomes an issue at all when, in fact, real points of conflict reflect cultural differences. Certainly, by coincidence, “European” is correlated with “white” just as most Sub Saharan African culture is “black.” When any race shows prejudice toward another they are ultimately assuming the target of their “racism” possesses particular behavior or cultural attributes. These observations of mere difference are often accurate – though neutral traits may be spun as negative. If one thought everyone with red hair was a thief their bad judgement would reveal more about their fear of theft than any real hatred for the color red. Stupid either way. If I look negatively upon a Central American with MS-13 tattooed across their face you may accuse me of prejudice against hispanics but in the end my generalizing serves a purpose whether my conclusions are just or not.

Different races with identical cultural, social, and economic attributes can typically coexist with little or no conflict. People of the same race but widely different social, cultural, and economic attributes will be notably suspicious if not hateful toward each other. Should this be surprising? I've noted before the comparison with having a roommate who is very different in character and values from us. Their “race” is irrelevant. It's ridiculous to demand that people of conflicting values and cultural attributes be forced into proximity. Preaching tolerance and preaching enforced cohabitation are entirely different things. Loud messy disorganized people do not tend to seek out the company of neat quite and organized people, or visa versa.

Much of the racial conflict that occurs today is the result of social planners seeking to force people of radically different cultural backgrounds into proximity and demanding that one group change its standards to accommodate another group's sentiments. Angela Merkel is not helping anyone by demanding that the established group living in Germany — Germans — transform their culture and in effect become Middle-eastern. In the U.S. the trend inspired by Marxist academia is to now see the bad guy as the strait white male of European decent. How is it not prejudiced or hateful to simply switch the target of derision?

These issues now present serious problems to humans everywhere. Decent and intelligent people can certainly see the folly in directing vitriol at strangers with different traits from our own. I wonder if using “hate speech” or perennially accusing others of racism might, in the end, be equally stupid.

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